Forceps Jar SS 202 Grade

Forceps Jar Stainless Steel 202 Grade Manufactured by Hospital Holloware India


Forceps Jars are also known as Forceps Holder and Jar Forceps.
A Forceps jar is used by doctors and surgeons to keep the forceps during surgical treatment. Forceps are handheld surgical instruments for grasping or holding objects during surgical treatments. Forceps need to be sterilized and free of germs, as they have to come in contact with human organs indirectly. They can cause cross-communication of diseases as well. So it is very important to keep them clean throughout the surgical treatment. Forceps jar contains some chemicals, which keep the forceps clean and free of germs.
Forceps Jar is made of stainless steel 202 grade.
The cylindrical shape and uncovered mouth allow handles to rest where they can be easily grasped. The base has a larger circumference than the rest of the container which ensures the jar’s stability.
We are Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Forceps Jar Stainless Steel 202 Grade at competitive prices from India.
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Model No Size inch (WxH) Size cm (WxH) Size mm (WxH)
HHFJ 101 2 x 5 inch 5 x 12 cm 50 x 120 mm
HHFJ 102 2 x 6 inch 5 x 15 cm 50 x 150 mm
HHFJ 103 2 x 7 inch 5 x 17 cm 50 x 170 mm
HHFJ 104 2 x 8 inch 5 x 20 cm 50 x 200 mm
HHFJ 105 2 x 9 inch 5 x 22 cm 50 x 220 mm


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